30 June 2012

☆ Shipping Times ☆

☆ Package #1 ~ Etsy Trade! ☆
The lovely Michelle of Little Banshees on Etsy agreed to a trade, and one of her sweet Jewel Pet Puppy necklaces is on it's way to me! I'm so excited! In return, one of my "Oh Baby" Bows and a set of "Carousel of Cute" pins is on it's way to her, with a special knit hair bow as a thank you.

☆ Package #2 ~ Storenvy! ☆
The first customer of my Storenvy was Kenya, and I so appreciate her purchase! She bought one of my limited rocking horse heart brooches with limited Chocolate Pearl earrings. Sending an extra little package just to say "thank you"!


  1. The packages are super cute! They look delightful to open! ♥

  2. You would know, you're the queen of cute packaging!