05 July 2012

☆ Review: Little Banshees on Etsy ☆

Received my amazingly cute package from Little Banshees on Etsy today, so I decided to do a little review! Here is an overly decorated collage of everything:

S h i p p i n g ~ 5 / 5
Very fast!

P a c k a g i n g ~ 5 / 5
Super well packed in a bubble envelope with extra bubble wrap. Adorable little bags holding each item!

Q u a l i t y ~ 5 / 5
Everything is hand sewn or hand crafted, nothing is just thrown together with glue which is always so wonderful to find! I'm sure they will stand up very well. The edges of the character plushes are sealed with I believe fray check, and don't look like they'll fray at all!

C o s t ~ 5 / 5
We did a trade this time, but honestly her prices are completely fair and totally worth it for what you get! The other Jewel Pet necklaces she offers are listed at $16.

C o m m u n i c a t i o n ~ 5 / 5
Messaging with Michelle on Etsy has been a pleasure! From my first question, she answered any message within a couple of hours, and kept me completely up to date on when she was planning on shipping my package and when it shipped. Never a worry on my end!

Thank you so much for the lovely trade sweetie~!


  1. Eeee what adorable accessories! I love them so much~~~ *o* Have you seen the Jewelpets anime? It is such an explosion of cuteness everywhere!

    1. I'm afraid if I watch the Jewel Pets anime I'll get cavities, and I don't have dental insurance! ;__; I'm glad you like the accessories though, I so recommend buying from her! She has more Jewel Pet necklaces in her shop, too!